Providing Quality Collision Repairs Since 1956

Providing Quality Collision Repairs Since 1956

About Harold's Auto Body of Boise, Idaho

Harold's Auto Body begin in 1956, making it the second oldest auto body repair shop in Boise, Idaho.

Throughout six decades, our shop has continued to provide traditional services for our customers for their comfort and peace of mind. This has led to our business receiving a positive, widespread reputation in the community. Focusing on the customer and their needs is always the number one goal. We make sure to provide the best service for our customers by offering:

•High-quality work using a mix of traditional and innovative methods
•Quick turnaround times for the driver's convenience
•Honest, free estimates to lay it all out right from the beginning

We also make sure to work step-by-step with insurance companies to help cover the expenses. Harold's Auto Body will work with any insurance company to find a solution for our customers.

Our staff wants to advocate the power of choice. Customers with damaged vehicles have a right to choose whichever auto body shop they want for their collision repair. There are no additional costs or penalties for choosing the shop of your choice. Why not pick Harold's and avoid all the hassle?

Bring your vehicle to our honest and hardworking auto body damage repair specialists in Boise right away and get the repair you need - fast!